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Apple Watch Bands

Are you looking for a new Apple Watch strap?
eWatch Straps brings you the best Apple Watch straps for every occasion. Whether you want to exercise, go to the office or go out to party: You will always find the right bracelet for your taste!

It is essential to have several straps in order to change them regularly so that you always wear one that is suitable for your activity to improve your comfort, secure your watch and get the most out of your iWatch. At eWatch Straps we favor quality at the best price and we offer you a wide choice of inexpensive straps to customize your Apple Watch. Our bands are suitable for Apple watch series 1, Apple watch series 2, Apple watch series 3, Apple watch series 4, Apple watch series 5, Apple watch series 6, Apple watch series 7, Apple watch series 8, Apple watch SE and to the new Apple Watch Ultra. Apple watch straps 38, 4 and 41 mm are suitable for small models of the Apple watch. Apple watch straps 42, 44, 45 and 49 mm are suitable for large models and the Apple Watch Pro otherwise called Apple Watch Ultra.

Leather Apple Watch straps

A leather Apple Watch strap is very appropriate for a more formal occasion. When you have to go to the office or to a meeting, a leather Apple watch band is practical and always gives a good impression. eWatch Straps offers you different types of leather straps. For example, you can choose modern leather apple watch strap, ribbed or textured leather apple watch strap with genuine cowhide leather. All leather apple watch bands are suitable for 38, 40 and 41mm apple watch and 42, 44, 45 and 49mm apple watch.

Milanese Apple Watch straps

An Apple watch strap with an Italian design! The bracelet is based on a 19th century Milanese design. The Milanese Apple Watch Band gives your Apple Watch an elegant and sought-after look. How about a rose gold plated Milanese bracelet or our best-selling black Milanese bracelet? The straps work completely magnetically, which also guarantees high wearing comfort. The magnet is strong and secures your watch without the risk of it coming loose. We offer slim Milanese Apple Watch straps that are perfect for women or men with a small wrist. All Milanese Apple Watch straps fit Apple Watch 38, 40 and 41mm and Apple Watch 42, 44, 45 and 49mm.

Apple Watch straps in nylon or fabric scrunchie style

The nylon Apple Watch strap is ideal for everyday use! The strap is soft and very comfortable thanks to the flexible fabric, while maintaining an elegant look. Thanks to the sturdy Velcro fastener, the nylon Apple Watch strap can also be used as a sports strap. At eWatch Straps, we offer nylon Apple Watch straps in many colors and sizes with variations that combine two colors such as black and white on the two-tone Alpine strap. This is the most popular buckle loved for both sports and everyday use. All nylon or fabric Apple Watch straps fit 38, 40, and 41mm Apple Watches and 42, 44, and 45mm Apple Watches.

Silicone Apple Watch Straps

The Apple Watch sports bracelet is ideal for passionate athletes and more generally for playing sports! Do you mainly use your Apple Watch to measure your heart rate and count steps when exercising? Then the sports bracelet for the Apple watch is perfect for you. Apple Watch sports bands have a simple closure that attaches to the wrist with just one press. Will you opt for a flashy color like red or yellow or will you prefer a safer and more discreet color like the black Apple Watch sport band? All Apple Watch sports bands are available in 38, 40 and 41 mm as well as 42, 44, 45 and 49 mm.

Apple Watch Steel Straps

Give your Apple Watch a spacious yet cool look with the beautiful stainless steel Apple Watch bands. How about our best-selling steel black color slat bracelet? Do you prefer something more chic and daring like the silver or rose gold wide link bracelet? Whichever strap you choose, steel straps will turn your Apple Watch into a premium watch. All steel Apple Watch bands are available in 38, 40 and 41 mm as well as 42, 44, 45 and 49 mm.

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    Place your Apple Watch, face down, on a clean surface, such as a microfiber cloth or cushion.

    Locate the small buttons on the top and bottom of your watch.

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    Hold down the strap removal button, then slide the strap sideways to remove it. In the case of steel eWatch Straps, open the clasp and press both buttons at the same time before sliding the strap sideways.

  • mode d'emplois pour changer son bracelet Apple Watch facilement - eWatch Straps

    Make sure to place the new eWatch Straps in the same direction as the old one if the strap is not symmetrical (clasp up if the round knob is on the left as in the example), then insert the new eWatch Straps until you hear a click.

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