Collection: Fabric Apple Watch Bands

Everything you need to know about Apple Watch fabric scrunchie bands

The fabric Apple Watch strap is ideal for everyday use! The strap is very flexible, but it has a sleek and standout look. The favorite fabric Apple Watch strap will make you forget you're wearing an Apple Watch, it's so light and soft. You will have the feeling of wearing a scrunchie on your wrist and not an Apple watch. Check out all the favorite fabric strap colors like the popular black Apple Watch fabric strap . Variants with patterns are also available to add a touch of complexity.

The Apple Watch fabric strap is very comfortable !

The Apple Watch woven nylon strap is ideal when using your Apple Watch for work and sport. The flexible and lightweight fabric makes this bracelet a great choice for every day. Can't find what you're looking for in this collection? Take a look at our steel Apple Watch bands , our Apple Watch sport bands in silicone , our Apple Watch bands in leather or our Apple Watch bands in nylon . Not sure which strap is right for you? Take the time to look at all the collections thanks to the menu.

Your favorite fabric strap for Apple Watch by eWatch Straps

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At eWatch Straps we offer delivery directly to your home and we accept returns for 3 days in order to be sure that our straps fit you perfectly. We guarantee the compliance of our Apple Watch compatible bracelets for 2 years . For any questions you can write to us by email at and our French support based in Toulouse will answer you by email or by phone in less than 12 hours!