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Everything you need to know about our leather Apple Watch bands

A leather Apple Watch band is ideal for a more professional occasion. When you need to go to the office or attend meetings, an Apple Watch leather band is practical and very classy. At eWatch Straps we offer different types of leather straps. For example, you can choose the vintage cowhide strap characterized as the real leather Apple watch strap. Our leather bands are suitable for Apple watch series 1, Apple watch series 2, Apple watch series 3, Apple watch series 4, Apple watch series 5, Apple watch series 6, Apple watch series 7, Apple watch series 8, Apple watch SE and the new Apple Watch Ultra. The 38mm 40mm and 41mm leather apple watch straps fit small models of the apple watch. 42mm 44mm 45mm and 49mm leather Apple watch straps fit large models and Apple Watch Pro otherwise known as Apple Watch Ultra.

The leather Apple Watch band when you want something different!

The Apple Watch leather band is perfect for a fancy occasion !
Do you use your Apple Watch especially during conferences and networking dinners? The Apple Watch leather strap fits you and your wrist perfectly. With its sturdy material and luxurious feel, this band is made for you. Can't find what you're looking for in this collection? Take a look at our steel Apple Watch bands , our Apple Watch bands for sport in silicone , our Apple Watch bands in nylon or our Apple Watch bands in fabric .

The robust and soft Apple Watch leather strap

The Apple Watch leather band is made of high quality leather, which makes it comfortable to wear and soft on the skin. The strap is comfortable to use and remains very secure for your Apple Watch . This noble material will make the difference and enhance your watch by giving it a premium high-end appearance .

Your Apple Watch leather strap by eWatch Straps

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At eWatch Straps we offer delivery directly to your home and we accept returns for 3 days in order to be sure that our straps fit you perfectly. We guarantee the compliance of our Apple Watch compatible straps for 2 years . For any questions you can write to us by email at and our French support based in Toulouse will answer you by email or by phone in less than 12 hours !