Which type of Apple Watch band to choose ?

The Apple Watch is a connected and intelligent watch manufactured by Apple Inc. Often called Smartwatch or iwatch, it now exists in several series. Launched in April 2015, this watch quickly became one of the best-selling connected objects in the world, not only for its size, comfort and functionality, but also for its variety of designs.

Indeed it is one of the most versatile and powerful devices on the market today. It does everything from tracking your fitness to logging your calendar and email. But that's not all.

When you buy an Apple Watch, you also discover its range of accessories, including an impressive collection of staps for all styles. You can choose an Apple Watch bracelet adapted to your different activities and change it very easily.

Changing straps is like changing watches. This makes it unique and easy to match with your outfits to make you unique.


How to choose the right Apple Watch bracelet ? 

Which band for apple watch ? How do I make my Apple Watch look classy ?

If you're the proud owner of an Apple smartwatch, choosing an Apple Watch strap can quickly become difficult. There are indeed some for all occasions, all tastes and all budgets.

Bands compatible with the Apple Watch come in a variety of materials and colors, each with their own characteristics.


Colors of the Apple Watch band

There are many colors of bracelets on our store.

The colors can match perfectly with your outfit as for example a black bracelet with a dark outfit.

You can also add a touch of color. Some may like a flashy red bracelet on a dark look to make their bracelet stand out as a strong detail.

Others will choose to make a statement like a black and white bracelet with a black and white outfit.

Some will choose to be noticed with luxury bracelets designed in noble materials, which will make them shine your Apple Watch of thousand fires!

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find more than 1700 product variations on our store to suit your taste, mood and style.

The Apple Watch band material

Always choose the type of Apple Watch band according to the use you want to make of your watch. A leather band is not recommended for sports use. If you often wear your Apple Watch with a suit, a silicone band is not ideal.

Leather will be perfect for urban use. Silicone is ideal for sports. As for metal, it is "all terrain" but not recommended for water sports.


Which material should I choose for my Apple Watch strap depending on my use ?

As we have seen, when choosing an Apple Watch strap, the material of the strap is very important. Depending on how you want to use your watch, you won't choose the same Apple Watch strap.

Let's take a closer look at the materials available.

Silicone Apple Watch Band

The silicone bracelet is one of the most popular because it provides optimal and long-lasting comfort. Originally made for sports, it has a smooth finish and gives you a slender look while still being great for all-day wear. Ideal for playing sports since it is resistant to shocks, water and sweat.

Nylon Apple Watch Band

Perfect for everyday use, it gives a casual look.

It is also used for Sport Loops and Nike Sport Loops with a soft feel.

Leather Apple Watch Band

Leather is widely used for urban Apple Watch straps. Leather provides a quality aesthetic touch while being durable if properly cared for.

This leather strap is another great option for those who want to get a classic, premium note for their watch. The leather strap has a buckle, making it easy to put on and preventing your watch from coming loose. It's also adjustable, so you can get the perfect fit across all series.

Stainless steel Apple Watch Band

Usually used for the famous Milanese bracelet (Silver, gold, rose gold and black) and also for link buckles ( Silver , gold, rose gold and black ). This material gives your watch a very elegant appearance.

Steel is also present in heavier models such as the slat model, establishing itself as the "must have" of the modern premium range.

Fabrics Apple Watch Band

Guaranteeing a vibrant, refined, modern and elegant design, this very popular material for Women's earrings offers very trendy novelties. It's generally thin and light making you forget you're wearing an Apple Watch. It's a versatile accessory that can be worn with a variety of outfits, making it a great choice for those who want a simple and stylish way to accessorize their look.


Can I use multiple Apple Watch bands for my watch ? 
Are bands for apple watch interchangeable ??
Yes, you can mount as many Apple Watch bands as you want on your watch. This gives you the ability to change the look and feel to suit your mood or the occasion. You can mix and match different colors and materials to create your own unique look.
The straps it's us, the style it's you ! No matter what style you are looking for, you will always have a bracelet to match your outfit !
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    Place your Apple Watch face down on a clean surface, such as a microfiber cloth or cushion.

    Locate the small buttons at the top and bottom of your watch.

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    Hold down the strap removal button, then slide the strap sideways to remove it. In the case of steel eWatch Straps, open the clasp and press both buttons at the same time before sliding the strap sideways.

  • mode d'emplois pour changer son bracelet Apple Watch facilement - eWatch Straps

    Make sure to place the new eWatch Straps in the same direction as the old one if the strap is not symmetrical (clasp up if the round knob is on the left as in the example), then insert the new eWatch Straps until you hear a click.

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